A view of our production facilities shows: each of our implants is handmade and gives proof of our craftsmanship.

At our production site you will not see automated mass production. In clean rooms, the implant shells are cast by hand on plastic moulds and vulcanized. Each product is marked with an individual serial number inside the shell. The shells are filled with medical-grade silicone and individually checked for air bubbles in the filling or for shell defects. Only if this process has been completed will the implants be vulcanized once more to stabilize their shape.

All products released for sale have to fulfil the safety requirements. Following every production step, the implants are checked manually according to the highest quality standards. Additionally, we regularly perform destructive stress tests. For example, sample strips from randomly chosen shells are extended to a minimum of 450 per cent, or a randomly selected implant has to resist a simulated impact test at 45 km/h unharmed.

Only if all tests and controls have been passed successfully will the implants be released for sale. More than 1,500 breast implant variations for reconstruction or aesthetic augmentation are skilfully clean-room manufactured in Germany. We also make other products like soft-tissue implants for contouring calves, gluteus regions, and men’s chests.

Our goal: sustainable product quality and safety for surgeons and patients.


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