With over 1,500 different implants, we currently offer the largest product range.

Which implant is optimum for your upcoming breast augmentation or reconstruction depends on your physical attributes and personal preferences. Our broad product range allows your surgeon to find the optimum solution for you.

Basically, there are two generic types of breast implants: round implants (Figure 1), with which the surgeon creates a round shape and evenly spread volume, and anatomically shaped implants (Figure 2), which are inspired by the natural shape of the breast and follow the female silhouette.

Figure 1:

Round implant (lateral view)

Figure 2:

Anatomically shaped implant (lateral view)

The existing differences pertain to filler material and surface processing. The surface of our implant shells is either smooth, textured (Mesmo® sensitive, POLYtxt®) or coated with Microthane®, a micropolyurethane foam. Find out more about implant surfaces.

Our breast implants are filled with a cohesive, non-liquid silicone gel. The gel's "memory effect" makes sure that if the implant is exposed to moderate pressure, it returns to its original shape when the pressure is released. The cohesiveness of the gel ensures that even if an implant is cut, the gel will not leak and the implant will hold its shape. The silicone we use is certified for long-term implantation.

We use different silicone gels, which differ in firmness. Find out more about silicone.

Our main focus is on two innovative breast implant series with a total of ca. 800 different implants:

  The 758 Sublime Line® implants have a modular design and are filled with a form-stable gel. 
The 62 breast implants from the Diagon\Gel® 4Two series are filled with a softer gel in the rear area, and a firmer gel in the front area.

From this product range you and your surgeon can select the implant that best suits you.

We put diversity at the service of female individuality.


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